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Become a Bemo Shareholder

Get on the ground floor with a technology set to change hygiene habits in the food, hospitality and many other service industries.

A visible solution to the invisible

Modern civilization exists because of soap. The widespread use of  better cleaning habits and products can be directly tied to the population boom of the last century and this one, which has found itself in need of a simple and powerful tool. Bemo is just that tool. Bemo’s game-changing technology monitors and modifies the hygiene habits of restaurant and hospitality staff.

Monitor cleanliness for customer trust

By generating customer trust through verified cleanliness we aim to support not only the economic recovery but also limit liability to all parties.

Track and influence hygiene habits

Through a patent-pending automated system with clean station touch-point tracking.

The ‘New Normal’ needs new habits

Generate consumer trust at a restaurant and retail level with crucial applications in almost every industry. The aim is to influence personal hygiene habits globally.